Friday, January 11, 2013

why it's so hard to blog regularly

i think it only fair that i explain my erratic posting behavior, since you, the 17 folks who apparently think there's something worth reading here, continue to return -- a fact at which i am simultaneously surprised and amused.

the truth of it is -- and i realize this sounds ridiculously simple -- blogging (or maybe i should qualify that by saying, "for me, blogging...") takes a fair amount of time and energy.  i admit to being something of a perfectionist when it comes to writing, especially my own.  so the thought of crafting something that i may later return to and realize i could've done so much better is vaguely, at turns, both depressing and annoying. what if i don't say it well? what if people simply don't find these crazy rants informative or meaningful or provocative? what if i don't remember to include something important? 

it's true that many good blog posts are not lengthy and leave out more than they include.  seth godin, one of my heroes, has a blog and today his post is exactly 75 words long. that's about half of the words it's taken you to get here.  and he actually said something interesting, which, after now appx 180 words, i realize i've still yet to do.

being naturally curious (and feeling the pressure to make this post do something, anything to warrant your continued attention), i set off on a google search for "the world's shortest blog post."

i love the internet. of COURSE there's content that indexes on this query. here we go:

The world's shortest blog. this appears to be a site where interested democrats could donate to an account that would be used to pay a bounty to a person who would ask then President George W. Bush how many times he'd been arrested. it even had a companion page but it's unclear what was supposed to happen here.

Jane Fonda.  seriously, she has a blog called "shortest blog ever." it's a weird little story about how she's not feeling well, in addition to some pages about her filmography and a curious recipe for brussel sprouts.  brussel sprouts are my next-to-least favorite food, second only to liver, but i guess others like them.  (and so if that's you, here's the payoff for reading today's "blog about nothing.")

Takey Tezey.  An unusual thing about a family who lives on some kind of boat.  but this is really not a very short blog post, so not sure if i missed the point or didn't read enough of it (but then again, it was supposed to be short so i didn't feel compelled to do so).

Wondering about the end of the world in Tiffin, OH.  This one qualifies.

And finally, the best of the lot... Lish McBride, a very funny writer, writes "the shortest blog entry in the history of blog entries," and then asterisks the statement, saying "*This is probably a lie. There are probably much shorter blogs entries out there. I'm way too lazy to look into this."

Lish had the right idea.  Maybe THAT should have been this post.