Monday, March 16, 2009

Willy's Guest Blog #2

hi, everyone. it's me, willy! i know you all have missed me since my original post. so i thought i'd update you on what's going on in my life.

first of all, i'm taking a cue from my mom and using a photo that is lovely but not ... ah, shall we say, nowsville? and i'm a dog! that means i'm 7 years older than something, sometime. i forget exactly what since i've been multiple 7s and early doggie forgetfulness is beginning to creep in. but that's ok coz my mom can't remember anything either and it hasn't seemed to make much of a difference. except occasionally she forgets to feed us and i have to pull a cujo to get her to wake the hell up.

how does this relate to marketing? well, certainly good marketing has to be memorable so people feel like they've seen whatever it is before and therefore it must be good. like, when i go to PetSmart, there's this one shelf that i really like. it has rawhide stuff on it and i'm not allowed to have rawhide ever since i ate some when i was a puppy and my mom had to spend the entire weekend outside with me and my intestines... but believe me, i'm buying whatever these people are selling. i can imagine that lovely scent in my doggie dreams! if i ever bust outta this joint, that's the first place i'm headed.

what else. well, you know, it's march in wisconsin and that means ... it's still cold, and we're not putting the stupid doggie boots away for another 2 months. shoot, i'll bet we get another snowfall. that's really hoover's thing more than mine; i'm ready to be a california canine anytime. and take those stinking boots (literally!) back to PetSmart where they belong.

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monica levy said...

A comment from darryll fortune:

Ok, so I've never met Willy or what's his/her name, but I know the love you share for them. I'm a dog person -- big, vericious dog to be specific. Hate cats. I know and was taught you're not supposed to hate, but, well, I hate 'em. I had a couple of dogs growing up, but only one I loved. Turbo. Got him as a pup. Shephard/beagle mix. Cutie. My shacking girlfriend -- later turned fiance, turned wife at the time gave me the 'it's your dog, you take care of him, I don't wanna be bothered,' speech. I was cool w/that but I'd look up and there she and Turbo were having an affair. So, cutting to the point, my Turbo got off the porch (see how long ago that was), and was hit by a car. We were devastated. So today when my kids ask for a dog -- which they don't anymore -- I tell them about Turbo. I know, it's not right, but hey the scar is still there. Is there a dog-loss therapy clinic?

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