Wednesday, February 18, 2009

linked in, facebook, twitter, and being social - as told by hoover levy

hi, hello, hey, everyone! hey! hey! hey! gimme that toy! gimmee! it's me, hoover. i'm the black dog in the levy household and i'm easily the most social being in the family, as well as having a pretty bad case of ADD. or maybe because of that, i dunno. squirrels! squirrels! oh, how i love squirrels!

anyway, my mom does a pretty good fake, but there's no doubt my dad and my brother willy and that stupid cat are socially backwards and don't even really like talking to people, which is why you'd think that they would be head over tail on these social media tools. but they're not. I'D use them, for sure, if i didn't have these giant paddle feet for paws.

the trouble with social media is, well ... it's addictive. when you're a dog, you can afford to be addicted to things because you know your parents are gonna buy you another one of whatever that is, except if it's, like, an armani loafer or a tin of cajun spice or pine-scented wax candle or 10 lb butternut squash or tube of superglue. (all of those things are extremely tasty, by the way, except for the superglue, which is a bit chewy and difficult on the gums). but when you're a person, it can be bad to be addicted to things -- especially things that require a lot of money or time. i'm a dog, so i don't really understand what "time is money" means, but my mom keeps saying it to me, especially when i'm looking for that perfect spot. it's just like for you humans -- placement is important and i don't like to be rushed.

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