Wednesday, February 11, 2009

willy's inaugural guest blog

hey, everyone -- it's willy here. my mom just got back from denver and says she's "cat-tired." (we don't use that other expression in our house, 'coz it's simply a lie.) so, it's time for my first blog entry. well... my first on THIS blog, that is. i actually have a full time gig on some others. just a way to get a little extra chow.
before i begin on marketing, i'd like to paws (ha! get it? paws! that's funny!) for a moment and adjust the font and size of the text on this blog. my mom has been using verdana, which is a nice face, but i'm really more a trebuchet kinda guy. and clearly the letters have to be bigger 'coz my -- ha ha! paws! -- get stuck on the keyboard. clearly, it's time for a toenail clipping.
so, here's what i think about marketing. it's pretty simple to tell good from bad. if it's about dog food or dog toys or dog beds or dog food or dog food or dog food, it's good. if it's about those stupid little dog outfits, or dog ear cleaning solutions or dog diets, then it's bad. see? you don't have to be terribly enlightened to know this. however, it does help to have read How to Raise a Jewish Dog, by the Rabbis of the Boca Raton Theological Seminary. unlike my parents, who are jewish only about 2.3 days per year, i'm jewish all the time. my brother is too, but he's somewhat less observant and moves in semi-nomadic fashion from meal to meal only when brisket and latkes are being served.
so that's it. my mom (who also has read the jewish dog book) is trying to guilt me into laboring over this post, the way she does on hers ... but i'm so over that noise. there's gonna have to be some serious cookytime involved to get me to do that.
see ya,

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4legged said...

it's always good to have a dog's perspective on marketing and advertising. dogs are completely honest about their opinions, at least about commercials and print advertising. (i know for a fact that willy's cousins, braveheart, angus, and gibson can be brutally honest when they feel that dogdom has been maligned by incompetent or clueless marketing execs who honestly believe that dogs like being dressed in ridiculous costumes against their will).

We often have group discussions in our home office, and comment about various commercials, and what possible demographic the creators were looking for, because it sure as heck wasn't us. The 3 dogs usually vote as a block, dewclaws up or dewclaws down as each commercial plays. They were seriously disappointed in this year's superbowl commercial crop.

Among the successful ads (3 dewclaws up) were California Cows, Bud Light Swear Jar, the Doghouse

At the bottom of the list are too many to name, but among them are Free Credit, anything with Billy Mays, ShamWow, Progressive, that are all 3 dewclaws down.

Anyway, great job, Monica, and thanks for giving the dogs a place to comment on the marketing that they are subjected to involuntarily, every time they have to stay here alone with the TV on. They tell me that sometimes they'd trade a hind leg for just one thumb.

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